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Why regular vehicle servicing is essential and important service milestones

Regular servicing is a way to catch those sneaky potential problems early on so that they don’t become real ones. Here’s why regular vehicle servicing is so essential…

Your car may not be showing any problems at all and feel okay to drive, but that doesn’t mean that it is working as well as it should and could be. Servicing is not a legal requirement but here’s why regular vehicle servicing is essential.

Vehicle Service

Your car will be safer

Deterioration of a car often happens gradually and is unnoticeable. Servicing is just essential checks carried out on your vehicle to components such as the braking system and suspension. It’s vital to make sure these are in good health so that they don’t let you down. Servicing your car regularly means that your car will be safer and it will give you peace of mind.

Vehicle Servicing

Rising Brook Garage offers to service all types of vehicles. Whether you would like this done as part of an MOT or alone. We recommend a service yearly to ensure your car is as efficient as possible.

It saves you money

When your yearly service date rolls around it can seem like a waste of money when your car is working fine. It’s important that you don’t miss one service to save a few pounds as your car service could find a fault early that potentially could be very costly in the future.

Vehicle Service

Even just failing to top up your oil level means your engine could seize up costing thousands to repair or in some instances replace. Simple things like new oil and air filters or properly inflated tyres can improve fuel consumption. Servicing your vehicle regularly will decrease your chances of having a breakdown, now they can be costly!

It will help you to sell your car

The second-hand market is always competitive, and having regular servicing on your vehicle will help to protect its value. Cars are expensive purchases! Therefore you want to protect your investment in your car as much as you can. This can be achieved by having your car serviced regularly, your car will be worth more when you come to sell it if it has a full-service history.

For Sale

If you choose to have a service with us. We stamp your servicing booklet to ensure your documentation is up to date, which will increase the resale value of your vehicle.

It keeps the engine healthy

Cars need the oil and filters changed regularly to prevent dirt or dust from finding its way in and causing serious problems. This will add to the engine’s longevity and the car’s life span.

The better you treat your car the longer it will last. Regular servicing is crucial if you want to get the most out of your money, be safe enjoy many years of trouble and stress-free driving.

So, you’re ready to book your service with us…Rising Brook Garage offer servicing for all types of vehicles. This can be done as part of an MOT or booked on its own. We offer a range of set price services for both cars and vans.

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