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Box Vans and 7.5 Tonne Trucks

LWB Transit/Boxer Chassis inc Tail Lift

Ideal For furniture removal due to large capacity – the box makes it easy to stack and load items and the tail lift makes getting heavier items into the van a breeze!

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XLWB Luton with Tail-Lift

Ideal for larger house moves or furniture removals where it’s important that the job is done in one move. We have these specially built to be larger than the regular box vans, so that if you do need the extra load space but don’t want to resort to using a 7.5 ton vehicle-this is perfect.

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7.5 Ton Box Van To Hire

Ideal for professional level, large and/or distance furniture removal. It’s cavernous load space coupled with a heavy duty tail lift make lifting and loading really heavy items a breeze.

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